Two Dads and two Lads went on on a ski trip to Roccaraso, Italy, in February 2020. Snow conditions were fine for our group’s ability levels:  By the end of the holiday, the whole group had the confidence to ski down any piste in control and without hesitation.  Stats captured (on an app) over a typical 5 hour period:

  • Distance:  74km
  • Average speed: 14.3 kmh
  • Max speed: 76 km/h.

On the video you will see why our average speed was low.  The higher speeds were clocked on a couple of wide sweeping black runs.

New tricks learned (by this old dog):  360° turns,  left and right!  New trick not attempted: aerial 360°

For mobile visitors, if you can’t see the video above, here’s the link to the Youtube.

More stats and facts:  Age-group ranged from 15 to late 50’s.  Both Dads are competent on any gradient (albeit slightly out of practice) and can ski off-piste. This was the second ski trip for the lads (the first being a school trip last year).

The 23  (out of 70) slopes that were open and were very well groomed with good snow, sadly, no off-piste.

The snow arrived the week after we left.

To read more about the trip and the resort please see my blog post on this link.