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Roccaraso: 70 ski slopes covering 110km

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Roccaraso, located in Abruzzo, the mountainous region to the East of Rome that stretches across Italy almost to the Adriatic. Amazingly, the average lift queue seemed to take about 30 seconds to get through.  Roccaraso has 110km of skiing across 70 slopes, all well-groomed. Most of the slopes have good snow-making facilities to ensure the piste area is covered with fresh snow. The ski area comprises lies between 1,325m and 2,142m.  

Dec 2019: Seismic changes for the UK

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Brexit goes into overdrive following the 2019 election result and the UK prepares for seismic changes. We’re heading for the biggest shakeup in economic and monitory policy in a generation to get us through. About 45% of UK imports come from the EU and 79% of imported food comes from the EU[..]

A memorable weekend in October 2019

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Westminster bridge was swarming with people on foot heading to and from Parliament Square which was rammed with protestors. The whole area around Parliament square, Whitehall, Trafalgar Square, across to St James along the route of the Peoples March was closed to traffic. The closer we got to Parliament Square the more densely packed the crowd.