Hello and welcome!

This is Chris Molloy, online. My digital world has two perspectives:

  1. Having fun: Presented though this website which is my first and only personal blog. Blogging has become one of my hobbies and my digital persona is more relaxed on this site. I hope you will enjoy the content.
  2. Business: Presented through my ‘professional website’  that speaks to agents, customers and clients.  It’s is a kind-of online cv and if that interests you then please follow this link.

Other parts of this website contains collections of images and movie clips.  This part of the site is the ‘weblog’,  it contains an online journal of my discoveries, observations and thoughts at particular moments in time,  both retrospective and/or happening now.  My blog is a place where I will publish my posts  each month that may otherwise be lost in the cacophony of noise, sales and promotion on the mainstream social media platforms.  Social media (in particular Facebook) has become intrusive, constantly attempting to invade our privacy. By contrast, my blog will simply exist in it’s own space,  as a part of my digital world, waiting for people to discover.  My hope is that the content will be retrospectively enjoyed in years to come.  Like a diary, the narrative aims to take the reader back to past events, capturing the mood (as seen through my eyes). The blog may trigger the  reader’s own recollections of their experiences at these particular moments in time.

I am considering opening up ‘comments’ in due course, for readers to include their perspectives if they would like to.

The featured image on this post was taken by me in St Ives in 2016.  I walked down to the harbour before day-break in order to enjoy the sunrise and capture it ‘on film’.   The sunrise was spectacular. On this particular day, dawn was synchronised with the turn of the tide.  There was a dramatic interplay between he towering cloud formations, set against the glorious blue sky, and the vivid reflections across the sea as it flowed very smoothly into the harbour. The total combined effect was both magnificent and humbling. I captured the whole event on a time-lapse video which you can navigate to above, or follow this link:  my video clips.

Thanks for visiting.