Fact …. really is stranger than faction.  I’ve been blogging at least once a month for the past year now and the story, the reality, the history continues to unfold in a most unpredictable way.

Quick rewind to 1st May and the European Elections (seems ages ago).  Of course, the UK had to participate because we’re still in the EU. Many despondent voters spoiling their polling cards or random tactical voting for rank-outsiders.    Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party (formed in January) this year,  has come from nowhere to get more votes than any other party in the UK. Of course, if we add up the seats for Lib Dems, Labour, the Greens, Change UK and Conservatives then arguably their combined numbers give them more voting power between them, but so what? Farage knows he can divide and conquer.   Some positive news is that the Conservatives had the beating they deserve with Lib Dems taking most of the slack.  Lib Dems need to  get organised and consolidate with other smaller parties if they are to seriously contend in the next election. Meanwhile, Farage and his team are becoming a bigger and bigger threat.

I need to talk about the football (almost as surreal as UK politics and Brexit but much more fun:-)

What an epic football season, and it’s not all over yet. Is it possible to believe, after all these years, that we have four English clubs facing off to each other in the finals in the two main competitions?   Yes! We had Chelsea v Arsenal facing off to each other in in the Europa League Cup Final a couple of days ago, and topping that,  in the European Champions League Cup Final,  we have Liverpool v Spurs coming up tomorrow night. Clubs from 1 country occupying both finals has not happened before.

On the domestic front,  Man City have cleaned up this year and in the process broke the record that Liverpool were about to break. Liverpool were all set to break the record for number of points collected in winning the Premier League when Man City snuck through winning the Premier league by 1 point above Liverpool.  Man City also thrashed Watford 6-0 for the FA Cup and beat Chelsea on Penalties to win the Carabao Cup.  Oh, and Man City won the Community Shield against Chelsea.  What a huge season for Man City!

Many of us found the Europa Cup final a teeny bit of a let-down after some awesome football in the quarters and semis.  Arsenal didn’t manage to get into their stride against Chelsea and went down 4-1 on the second half.

Rounding off this month’s ‘football focus’ and back to grass roots level; Our Onlsow FC Under 15’s (promoted last year to the Championship) ended up mid table at the end of the season which both Steve (the Manager) and I (the Coach) are very happy with.    Well done boys. You’ve proven you can cut the mustard at this level in the Championship!