Extinct Rebellion is the name of a well organised  Climate Change activist group who have been causing a lot of disruption in London this month (sticking themselves to trains, blocking bridges, generally getting in the way and making a nuisance of themselves) to protest about climate change and what we’re not doing about it. They’ve been very effective, getting all over the news for about an entire week. Coincidentally we had the hottest Easter day ever (on record) this month. There is no doubt that society is not paying enough attention to this issue.  It seems that Brexit has, so far, cost our nation  £10billion.  Think what we could have done if we’d spent even a fraction of that on mitigating actions agains climate change. We could have built the tidal lagoon power station in Swansea ….  plus a couple more in other places, plus a couple of wind-farms, plus reinstated the feed-in tariff to encourage everyone to put solar on their homes … and still had change.  But no. The UK remains pre-occupied on Brexit and even more distracted by it’s own flabby political navel.

Brexit went almost down to the wire this month, into the final week before the EU were able to offer  a 6 month extension of Article 50 to 31st October.  After speculation all month (and a petition for a vote of no confidence) Theresa May finally tendered her notice as PM on 24th May.  So now we have a Conservative Party leadership race to follow. Just what Boris Johnson has been waiting for.

Debenhams went into receivership on 9th April as expected.  Jaguar Landrover shut down production for a week due to ‘uncertainties around Brexit’.

We’ve been through a steep learning curve in our little family this month about much we’ve been taking for granted with our health and wellbeing. Our daughter tore her arterial cruciate ligament , poor darling, during an intensive training session with a  top-flight netball academy. Poor darling is coming to terms with being out of high-level competitive sport for most of the next year, along with ballet, modern and tap dancing, Duke of Edinburgh gold, planned, trips to festivals, even plans for University applications are affected as she will not be playing at the right level over the next 12 months. There are so many people out there that are routinely dealing such challenges, but for us it’s a first and it has altered our outlook. We’re lining up reconstructive surgery and intensive pre-hab ahead of the operation. It’s quite amazing what can be done these days with modern surgical tools and techniques.  The operation that would have been reserved for the super-rich and the sporting elite a few years ago is  now much more mainstream. Fingers crossed for a full recover

My professional work at Sky has finally come to an end this month as the strategic programme I had been working on was not approved to go to the next stage by the senior management team,  which meant my contract was not renewed.  I wish Sky well with their endeavours, it’s been great working with them.

Football season is shaping up to an exciting finale.   Liverpool and Man City are currently neck and neck in the Premier League (sadly for Liverpool who have been ahead for the entire season but now 1 point behind City). I’d say Man City appear to have the edge.  Arsenal are not consistent enough their away games to keep in the top 4 so their best hope to get into the Champions League next year appears to be to be winning the Europa League as they won the first round of the semi finals convincingly against Napoli.  Valencia is the next hurdle for the Gunners, then they might even meet Chelsea in the final next month.  Oh, Spurs are looking on good form and beat Man City in the quarter finals this evening.  If by some chance Liverpool beat Barca AND Spurs beat Ajax then they will meet in the Champions league final too (yeh, right) . That would be a result wouldn’t it?