Highlight of the month was a trip with Sonja and the kids to the Royal Albert Hall on 20th to see Guys and Dolls.   Absolutely top drawer.  This production had no stage set, this may have meant we focused more on the music which was note perfect, but  the story telling was also compelling, the choreography was incredibly precise and intricate and the dancing was spectacular.

Uncertainty around Brexit continues to plague our plans and aspirations and risks ruining of our economy in the UK.  I know it’s ridiculously complicated, but we really must find resolution and stop putting wants of political parties above the fate of the nation. Wow this is really bad!   Now that ‘ the people’, are informed and more fully understand the real impact I’m curious to understand we we can’t just double check with ‘the people’ that this is really what we want to do?

Hammond announced that austerity is coming to an end and May did a bit of a jig on stage at the Conservative Party Conference. Wow, woopie doo.  NHS is on it’s knees, UK car industry is on a one way ticket to crash and burn, UK steel industry is on it’s last dying breaths,  according to CBI  80% of UK firms have either cancelled or delayed investments due to Brexit uncertainty. Oh, and I’m earning less now than he was in the 90’s and bringing up a family on it.  Yeh, right Mr Hammond and Mrs May, let’s all go an celebrate as the gap in this country between the haves and the have-nots continues to widen in just about every conceivable way (pssst …. irony).

There was a  mid-month announcement of 5000 missing people following last month’s earthquake in Indonesia and  resulting tsunami. What an utter catastrophe. The UK government has announced it will be doubling the initial £2M donation raised by the British public for the Indonesia Appeal. I’m sure I read somewhere that the government had committed a total of £5M. The UK is also continuing to fly tonnes of supplies out there and have sent rescue and specialist support teams.

More bad news for Indonesia as a Lion Air flight came down in the sea off the coast of Java. Search is underway but no survivors have been found. It was a Boing 737 with 189 people on board.

I’m immersing myself in work and trying to keep up with the kids school and after school schedules as we charged headlong into first year of  GCSEs for the youngest and A-levels for the oldest. As with most families I guess, this term is full steam ahead. Hopefully we are balancing work and play to maximise our capabilities and at the same time enjoy the moment and what we have right now.

It was my daughter’s 17th birthday this month. How did that happen?  We’ve begun look at University options and I’m conscious that I need to cherish what time we have left before she becomes an adult and takes her leave from the family house. I am so proud of her.