The transition out of a normal routine to a couple of nights under canvass and experiencing life in the great outdoors with family friends is always a highlight of the summer.  Oh yes,  it’s so much fun to be holed-up in a field on the edge of a forest for the weekend with a bunch of your best friends and all the kids, chatting, eating, drinking, faffing around with camping kit, bikes, playing football, cricket, frizby and generally having a laugh for the entire weekend, it  is just priceless.

Bank of England announced an interest rise at the beginning of the month, that really is unusual given the history (0.5% to 0.75%). If this blog is being read in the future, let me add the context, this is the first time in more than 10 years we’ve had interest rates in the UK beyond .5%.

The US is flexing it’s muscles at Iran now, unilaterally re-imposing sanctions that were lifted by the United Nations in 2015. The US is also ‘encouraging’ all its allies and trading partners to do the same or face the consequences (hint hint, Europe could be next in-line for stiff  trade tariffs / embargoes etc from the US if we don’t do what we’re told!).

Extreme weather is in the headlines again, this time with flooding on a biblical scale in India. This is the worst in over a century and must surely be connected to climate change and in particular global warming?  A violent storm in Italy this month caused the collapse of the Morandi Bridge, carrying a 4 lane motorway high above the city between tunnelled mountain passes, miraculously only killing 43 people.

NASA has been busy again, launching a probe at the Sun this time to see what we can find out at close range before it goes into melt-down.

The kids were making a big fuss about a British YouTuber, KSI in some boxing match with US celeb Logan Paul (in Manchester Arena). Apparently the biggest Youtube event ever.   Right, what-eva.

It’s been announced that Crossrail (officially Europe’s biggest infrastructure project) is being delayed by 9 months, oopsie.  Glad I’m not project managing that one.